Integrity of Your Backups

Integrety of

When was the last time you tested your backups? Hopefully, it wasn't due to a complete catastrophe. You probably are running backup software that automatically takes your data and moves it to a partition on your hard disk, or to a server in the cloud. While this is best practice, it is only a small piece of the puzzle. 

Backups need to be tested to ensure that the data within them is correct and also not corrupt. If the intern makes a mistake in the data and that data is backed up, then your backup is now flawed. You could continue for days, weeks, even months backing up this data that is incorrect and when you need it, it's impossible to recover.

We at Applianz recommend to perform a Backup Integrity Check at least once a quarter, if not more frequently. Performing a Backup Integrity Check ensures that your data is safe and secure, as well as accessible to you.

If you are already an Applianz customer, then contact Support today to schedule a Backup Integrity Check!