AppEazy Workstation Template

Welcome to the AppEazy File Server Session

The File Server Session is the session that you use to install the the server part of your software. It is also used to store the company data that the client software on the User Sessions will use. The File Server Session is a regular Windows 2012 server for running server based applications and network file sharing. This session is neither a Terminal Server or Domain Controller.

Drive and directory Information:

  • C:\   
  • Install applications to this drive if it is not important that users have access to the installed data.
  • N:\   
  • This drive is mapped out to the User Sessions as the Appdata (N:) drive. Any software or data that you want to be shared for the User Sessions should be installed to this drive.
  • O:\   
  • This drive is for storing CD images and upgrade files. This drive is also mapped the User Sessions as the CDs (O:) drive.

What should be installed in this session:

  • Server Software that would normally be installed on a central server. Ex: SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics Server Software, Quickbooks Database Manager, etc.
  • Backup Client Software. Some backup solutions require software be installed on the server where the data that needs to be backed up resides. It is not important for software of this type be installed in the N:\ drive. If you are interested in
  • Shared data. If you have shared data that you want all of your users to have access to it should be placed in the N:\ drive.

What should not be installed on the session:

  • Domain Controller. Due to Microsoft licensing restrictions this session can not be used as a domain controller.